Free to good home

Free to good home. Forty-nine year old Caucasian female. Super powers include organization, cleaning, and a ‘big picture’ perspective. Competent cook, nanny, and groundskeeper. Has an affable disposition and a compassionate temperament. She is intelligent, caring, creative, and has good stories as well as being silly, witty on occasion, and simply fun to be around. But she is also a hopeful dreamer who wants to make a difference in the world and, therefore, usually lacks focus and attention to societal norms, and has a casual disregard for rules. Plus, to be honest, sometimes she is just downright cranky, indecisive, and annoying. If you are interested in adopting her, please respond to this ad and we can arrange a meeting. Serious inquires only.


Various family members, and even a friend or two, have been quite generous with offers allowing me to temporarily reside in – invade – their home since I returned from Zambia. While I am forever grateful for their hospitality, it has come to the point where it is high time – or perhaps even past high time – for me to rejoin the real world as a productive, functioning adult within the societal confines of a wealthy, developed country full of rules and regulations and ideals so that I can afford my own housing because, let’s face it, American culture values individualism over community. Some might call it independence, and some may call it introversion, and still others may call it loners; whatever it is, having a stray family member living with you starts to cramp your style after a bit.

As mentioned in my advertisement, I have lofty dreams. One is to make the world a better place for people dealing with Sickle Cell Disease, but there are others too. Most of my benevolent benefactors are very supportive of my high-hopes dreams, some even encourage them, but there comes a point – a point that actually arrives quite rapidly – where not only do I feel like an intruder in a world that doesn’t belong to me (I too am an independent, introverted (with some acquired extroversion), loner), and my benefactors lose the subtlety in which they use to set the boundary for my stay. Sometimes it is difficult to know who initiates the ‘Free to good home’ advertisement.

Aside from wanting my alone time, and not wanting to be a bother to anyone, age and an expanded world-view has made the transition back into mainstream society more precarious than I had anticipated. I am much more aware of what I want to do – and subsequently much more aware of what I don’t want to do. You could say that I’m picky, you wouldn’t be wrong. However, as I shuffle from gracious host to gracious host, like a wayward dog, I am forced – for the sanity of both my host and myself – to consider mainstream employment options as my dream of saving the world is relegated to ‘hobby’ status. Currently, substitute teacher is on my radar; I haven’t decided if that is noble, or foolish. We’ll see.

As I wait for the planets to align and the universe to show me the way I’m finding the fire of passion dwindles, momentum is lost, defeat asks if I’m ready to give up. But, no worries, passion will find a way regardless of whose alone time I am infringing upon or the societal norms that must be adhered to along the way. I can only hope that life will augment my passion hobby as I amble to the next gracious host and fill out the next retail job application.

Thank you very much to all my benevolent benefactors! Your generosity, and patience, is most appreciated!

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