Reasons to start a blog…six idiosyncratic reasons

“I wrote a book, so why not write a blog,” I thought to myself. Not that I have found a literary agent willing to read my book yet, but I have always been a hopeful person. Seeking to rationalize the choice to start a blog – because how could a rational person not – I decided to go with the “why” approach. In Simon Sinek’s TED talk, he says that people buy into ‘why’ we do things. Mr. Sinek’s example to support that philosophy is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech titled, “I have a DREAM,” not “I have a PLAN.” Good enough for me.

Here is my why:

  1. Michaela said that I have enough random thoughts to make a blog work: One of the most important people in my world – someone who knows me too well and is not afraid to roll her eyes when I’m being an idiot – believes in me and the potential of this project.
  2. Support sickle cell awareness: I spent three years living and volunteering in rural Zambia. My passion project was a health and wellness group for kids with sickle cell disease and their parents. Unfortunately, sustainability was not there and nothing has been done in my absence, but I do plan to use this platform to call attention to this global, genetic disease and some of the people I was fortunate enough to meet and work with over there.
  3. Promote my book: As I mentioned previously, I have written a book. It is a realistic fiction novel loosely based on my experiences in sub-Saharan Africa wrapped around the realities of sickle cell disease in a developing country, complete with a devious twist. There is suspense, adventure, and cultural enigmas across rural Zambia. When I get brave enough to send this book into the real world I’m sure you all will be called upon to praise it!
  4. Just to write: Organizing 89,000 words to form a coherent story – in my opinion, anyways – has sparked a profound interest in writing. This blog provides me with an outlet and incentive to keep writing.
  5. Share adventures: I love activity, warmth, sunshine, and new experiences! I will share them here!
  6. Shout out: I will call attention to the people and businesses that I have the opportunity to know.
  • Dick Vlist Motors in Port Orchard, WA. It is a family-owned and operated business with a long history in the area and was absolutely the best car-buying experience of my life! Many thanks to Dick and everyone there!
  • Anytime Lock & Safe in Bremerton, WA. My car made the process of getting a spare key made far from quick and easy, but Harry persisted and accomplished the task brilliantly!
  • Also, I have been taking Mridu Khullar Relph’s 30 Days to Creative Courage course. I have found it to be the push that I needed to get out here. She is very easy to relate to and her video program is inspiring to work through!

I am really quite excited to begin this eclectic project! I am full of random thoughts and love a good adventure, so check back often! Thank you!

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